My First Dining Room Tour

Our dining room was the first space in our home that I felt was “finished.” That being said, there are already things I want to change! My house will forever be a work-in-progress….check one item off the list and I’ve already added 5 more!

This is a super small space…like master closet small. It’s about 10′ x 11′ and when I first started decorating it, I made a LOT of mistakes. I ordered a rectangular table. Mistake number 1! Since this is pretty much a square room, the rectangular table just didn’t fit the the space well. Then I ordered a small pendant light fixture that held one bulb. Mistake number 2! I typically like to see my food before I eat it, so we definitely needed a fixture that gives off more light. Mistake number 3 was hanging curtain panels below the transom window. Why?! Just why?! It made the room feel smaller than it was and didn’t accentuate the beauty of having tall windows.

I’ve fixed a lot of these initial mistakes and love the results so far! It feels like such a cute and cozy room now. The round pedestal table and rattan chairs give the space a farmhouse feel and fit perfectly. I created a coffee bar using a rustic two-door cabinet (I prioritize storage in EVERY room!) and open shelving; this helps to keep our countertops clear of an endless supply of kitchen appliances. Take a peak at all of our photos and let me know what you think!

bennington 4-Light chandelier from Wayfair.
Luca Dining Table from Arhaus.
Magnolia Plates from Arhaus.
Dundee Bronze Floor Planter from Crate and Barrel. Milo Chair from Arhaus. Find similar here.
Ardell Mirror from Arhaus.

‘Til next time,


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