So, I stumbled upon the @oneroomchallege last week, and in my true leap-before-you-look fashion, I signed us up! I have to say, I’m usually very methodical. I plan, I make lists, I still use my paper calendar but, sometimes…I just jump in. Although, in this case, I’m thrilled that I did! For those that are unfamiliar, the ORC along with @betterhomesandgarden is a 7 week design initiative. Designers tackle the redesign of one room, collaborate with other designers on tips and tricks, then post weekly progress updates. Viewers also have the opportunity to follow along and chime in with thoughts or questions.

A little about Tweed & Co:

Stephanie and I met a few years back and quickly became friends. With a shared love of all things design we started to build Tweed&Co, a design infused blog where we chronicle projects that we’re working on both in our own homes and for others. The Tweed&Co blog offers that perfect balance between modern farmhouse (have you seen Stephanie’s home yet??!!!?) and classic (yep, that’s more me…been loving Ralph Lauren since I was 16!). I think that’s what makes it so exciting; each of us offering a different point of view all the while creating a look that feels familiar with a modern edge.

The one room challenge came at the perfect time. My kitchen was in need of a desperate update – I say “was” because due to excessive water damage (ugh), there is nothing of my kitchen left. Cabinets, flooring, drywall…all gone. With a busy family, two kids and what seems like a house full of pets, we need to move quickly to put everything back together! Enter One Room Challenge!

The Before:

If I had to use one word to describe our kitchen before the demo I would say…basic. It got the job done. Our home was built in the late 1990’s so yes, there was yellow oak-everything. It looked as though the cabinets were replaced about 10 years back with a builder grade white, traditional door and a black granite counter top. The look was OK, nothing to get too excited about.

Remodeling the kitchen was something that I always thought about but definitely did not have a plan in place for. With teenagers, this major remodel wasn’t planned until after college! But, here we are, living without a kitchen sink- literally. So, major decisions need to be made quickly, details need to be finalized and installation needs to begin…this is not the time for Analysis Paralysis! 😉

Stephanie and I have had many conversations about the kitchen design. We are altering the layout, adding some much needed design elements and updating some appliances. But, everything in hinged on one critical decision: cabinet color. The choices are narrowed to a charcoal gray with a navy undertone or an updated taupe. Take a look at some inspiration below and stay tuned to see what we land on!

Until next week!


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